Wednesday, January 09, 2008

it has been ages since i last scolded a bad word..
but i think i can't help it anymore! ASSSHOLE BLOGGER
#%*&!(*($(% i was posting up my japan and batam pictures
and suddenly a window pops out and states-
"error. unable to contact blogger" wtf?!
wasted like more then 20 mins waiting for the pictures.
roarsssssss. okay enough of my complaining..
i'll blog all the pictures very soon! so stay tune alright (:
anyw, i didn't go school today bcos i'm just tooo tired.
so when to meet sharon and eugenia at tm ard 1.30
shop ard and went tution till eh...... oh 6!
so on and so forth den ----> raffles hospital to visit boris.
okay i'm bored now...... & i miss my friends.

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