Tuesday, January 01, 2008

okay more and more pictures coming! yay~
ps: eh yifu! please come and grab your photo yourself(:
anyw, theres loads of pictures took with regina& i love it.
okay went to esplanade ytd with our clique for the damm
fireworks. seriously i think the whole singapore became
united and went there yesterday. cause its just too..
crowded! i think no more fireworks for me next year
i reallly can't stand the crowd, no joke.
although nothing much for my birthday this year but
i do enjoy the time with our clique alot okay!
cause they've beeen the one cheering me up during
my hardest time! THANKS A TOAD TO ALL OF YOU!
oh yea, den at raffles mrt station we saw eugenia
and yinyou. thats the reason why theres a picture of
me and eugenia (:
blog again when sch reopens.. which is tomorrow :D

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