Monday, January 07, 2008

this is for the dog i love the most! - Bibeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
so sad that shes rather old already.. ):
shes down with cataract on her eyes and needs operation.
its the 13th year i'm with bibeeeee and i hope she'll
live on happily. with love bibeeee<333333
okay back to the main topic. ahhhhhhhhh! its really
stressful for me this year. particularly because of my N lvls..
those readers who didnt know, yea imma NA student(:
i really wanna do well for my N & O lvls! i only came
to realise that its reallly important now.
hope it isin't too late yea? know what? i'll be having
my chem test this weeek. & it determines whether i'll
be required to attend the remedial class from
anyway... things reallly changed alot. realise that
the grp of girls ain't what we are anymore.
remember the time we'll cry for each other when
we're feeling sad? remember we'll fight for our rights
with anyone that crossed our lines? remember us
being so united that we had dates for each of us
to return our plates? wheres all these now?
i don't see such things anymore.. all i see now,
are just a bunch of girls with no unity, no words
and no moments to share. why? why no one remembers
how we shared our joy? why no one remember the
bonding we had? why everyone is turning their back
away? why am i the only one who realise it now?
do you guys really wanna spend the 2 years this way?
if i would be able to turn
the time... i'll make it back to 2006. bcos, thats the
time i really enjoyed with you girls.. seriously,
the bonding i shared with you girls was the best.
will things go back the same for the 7 of us?
know what? girls, i really love you babes alot......<3

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