Friday, January 25, 2008

okay some random pictures. just take a look and you'll know where its taken (:
home obviously. what a luck, i wanted to post pictures that
i took in japan but it actually took like duck2857 years to upload.
so forget about it! maybe someday when my comp is in good
moood i guess. seeen the picture? stop smoking peeeps
its bad for health! - upon watching how my schoolmates took
their results, somehow i felt tension in me for the first time
in my secondary school days. Maybe because i'm starting to
worry for my future? N & Os ain't those playing matter i'm really
worried if i couldn't get to the course i'm planning to go for.
what would become into me? seriously i salute those people
who actually manage to score like what 3As? i'm impressed!
i've seen how they hug & cried tgt deliriously with joy.
think its time for me to measure every step i take scrupulously
i wouldnt want to end up making mistakes that i'll regret for.
guess what? i'm home today sucha goood girl!
okay i'll blog very sooon once i have more pictures alright!
egotism kills men.

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