Wednesday, January 30, 2008

part one of the japan's trip.

stay tuned for more of the japan's post.
theres like 3481562492035 pictures in my com but i
couldn't post it up all at a time bcos i've to keep my readers
entertained 24/7 right?oh yea, thousands of pictures of myself!
laughs. okay i'm sick like again.. ROARS.
bad sorethroat and flu this time round so.... no school
for Eileen today yayness. it has beeen ages since i reallly
caught up with my friends. ): but no worries.. i'm sure after
my Ns i'll be god damm free and i really miss you guys now.
let me talk about some things den. School-
ahhhhh still as tiring, bored and really dislike it!
hoping that i'll quickly get over Ns and enjoy my holidays.
Friends- slightly better now.. everyone is almost back on
the path & most of all no conflicts till now which i felt happy.
life- still the same... being single is what i like and dislike
carefree but a the same time lonely. however, i've learnt
how to appreciate things ard me so i don't think i really need
someone with me that much afterall. OH YAHHHHHH
my mum and me bought chanel cosmetics and its darn nice!
although we spent like 300+ on that ): i'll post the pics
on that soon! be patient. i'll blog tomorrow~
& this cute guy.

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