Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last year
Wanted to blog next week... but couldn't hold myself back.
Itchy fingers! Anyw, this picture is taken last year...
My batch graduated..... (i'm left with another year to go)
I'll miss all of you. Afterall we did see each other change and
grow for the past 4 years. Fond memories yeah?
Soon, we won't get see each other in school anymore.
No more assembly together, no more recesses together.
You'll move on... I'll too. Will we still recognise each other?
Will we still keep in contact? i don't know... only time will
tell. I can't believe these 4 years just ended like that.
I think i've been enjoying myself too much to even realise
that it's nearing 2009 yet last year's memories still etched
in my mind........ Goodbye friends and foes.
I browse through the pictures taken in school in 2005.
We all look so innocent and cute! Time do flies...
However, exceptionally fast for this year. Laughs!
Anyw, I'm only left with POA to go on tuesday! Yay!
I'm rejoicing because i seriously hate this subject and
i don't even think i'll be able even obtain a pass.
So i've decided to just briefly look through the notes..
Hehee i'm aiming for 4As for N levels.
I miss the good old times, friends, everyone, you

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