Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Overdue peeks.
Hello readers, here i am blogging again.. Just came back from
safra aft bowling and pooling with school mates.
I'll be heading to Ehub's kbox with classmates tmr.
Wowwwww this what people always say, the excitement
and mirth of the holiday season - idling, spending $ etc
Okay, i think i'm superb-ly random. This is total madness.
Be prepared for some long naggy complains.
muahahahaha! hehehehe! hohohoho!
(i'm sry, i don't take art.. so the colour combi sucks)
(1) I'm running low on cash recently (idk where the $ went to)
(2) NA students are required to attend school from 28th-7th nov.
(3) I should stop watching taiwan/hk dramas from now on!
(because they make me imagine alot) I bet girls will agree with me!
(4) Imma lose some weight and grow 10cm taller (which is impossible)
(5) Mum said that we'll be going hokkaido instead of Europe
(6) I'm missing my friends so much that i feel like hugging em.
(7) Anything you can think of. (improve your creativity here)
I don't think guys will be interested in what you're about
to see soon... :)
Oh yeah, if you guys have been reading my blog since the start
of the year... you guys should remember me saying how rude
the ladies are at bugis right? I don't mind saying it once more
I really hate the sales girls there! They're reallly damm rudeeee.
you know at times when we're(ladies only) are shopping,
our itchy hands will tend to touch the things we see right?
Nothing wrong isn't it? I think it's a hella-no for the sales
girls there. You know what? After i lifted my finger to touch or
feel the material of the thing i wanna buy, feeling not satisfied
(i turned and go) they'll immediately start meddling with the
things i touched as if i've strewn their things or have some
contagious disease. Irritating to the max, i swear.
Many months later.............
I still find myself in the circle twirling round and round..

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