Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Anyway, i hope the second peekture doesn't scares you off
sorry but i have thick and ugly lips >:(
("A happy belated 18th birthday to boris!")
Stayed over at Eugeniahunnybaby house ytd. Had a great time
with the friends but i totally look like a living zombie now
because i slept at 8am this morning. Dangs
That too explains why i didn't blog these few days k.
Okay good girls like me don't lie... that excuse only cover me
for yesterday lah! (hehe) For a minute i felt so reliable.
Oteh stop saying i'm random behind the screens
That's due to the fatigue and lack of sleep. Blame them!
walao, i'm still entertaining myself with my own jokes.
Anyway peeps/friends/acquaintance you're invited to ask
me out because i'm goddamm free as exams are officially
over. Double yay-ness *smiles widely at my readers*
(check out my random-ness here)
True, i shouldn't be complacent... theres still another
tedious year awaiting me. So if anyone of you interested
in studying out together i'll be glad to join you!
( if you're interested in any courses and such call me up too)
I need a part-time job with flexible timings!

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