Thursday, October 23, 2008

Went paragon with wanzhuang yesterday for her eyebrow
treading. I just remembered something..... Miraculously, i didn't
spend any money yesterday! Except for eating.
yay-ness i've saved some bucks.
Mundane routines killing me.
Sleep at 5 am --> wakes up at ard 12+ if i'm going out -->
bathe-->make up--> out i go--> back home ard 11pm norm
--> use com till 5 am -->sleep! The same whole thing repeats...
Imagine yourself doing that everyday.... i rather go school.
I miss my classmates very much!but i'll be seeing them for school
starting next week till 7th of nov. * smiles*
Sad to say, the bridging programme screwed many of my plans.
oh yesssssss no worries i still have dance :)
I'll be out with kennyyojibro, SSagl and hopefully Yuqian later.
Good day ahead readers, muackkkkks!

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