Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And yet, another holiday

I thought i was only complaining about the nearing of N levels
not long ago?!?! Now, it's gonnna end.
It's always like that...
The more you want time to stop, the faster the time will pass.
The more you're eyeing on that, the more you won't have it.
The more you're thinking of it, the more hurting it gets.
sometimes i wonder.. should i place this year as a fruitful or
inutile. Schooling this year is a little dissimilar from 2007.
I had hell-lotsa-fun in school with friends i've never thought
of becoming friends with. Of course it's not always that smooth
for Eileen. I experienced some heartbreaks here and there too...
I know it seems so mundane to you that i'm here madly in love
with someone and there i am out of it right readers [?]
I reckon it's a little different this time round.. i'm not madly
in love with anyone and too i'm not out of it. ( i think 70% of you are not
going to understand this ) I see the change in me from 2006
when i started blogging..
Ps: Hello dear readers, go and read my archives i assure you
a goodday laugh! Ratings 4/5
If only time will reverse, i will.

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