Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kennyoji my brother.

Kennyoji brother, i've said all that i should.
Hope that it helps and whatever decision you make,
i'll be behind you, as always. Thanks for giving me
so many helpful advices since last year :)
Sorry JasonHeng, i didn't mia... just busy these
few days. (i need to prepare for my chalet tmr)
Went shopping with Esther ytd at town.
Spent ard 150+++ on clothes and accessories.
I'm broke! thanks for reminding me that.
Thereafter, met wes and alf at prata house for
supper. Ok i'm lazy to blog about that.
Not really in the mood do anything now though.
Skipping dance later cause my aunt's son 1 year
old birthday! anyw, hes born on the same day as me
12/31. I'm so happy.. finally 16 sooon.
Anyw, those who're invited to the chalet.
I've just received the details on the chalet.
Do sms me to know more! :)
more pictures to upload.

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