Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ytd's peeks

Went for xmas dinner at ______ hotel. can't rmb
how to spell it. HAHA anyw, dinner was awesome with
all the lobsters, choco lava cakes, ham, turkey etc etc.
So sorry i guess i'll need to do up one food post cause
i've taken so many pictures of nice foods but haven't
got the chance to share with you guys :)
So how was xmas celebration ytd reader(s)?
(it should be fun because Eileen blessed those who read her blog. haha)
Okay anyw, met up with geniababy at orchard mrt
after my dinner. And those pictures up there is only
a small part of ytd's collection. but whatever...
So after that shitty/sweaty/dirty fun ytd,
geniababy, devina , serena, me, alfred, wesley,
yang and denz cabbed to simpang for late night
supper. Can't believe we sat there for like 3 hours!
(I look damn freagging tired and ugly ytd hope those who saw me
suffers from some memory probs by now *evil*)
Saw that cute elmo thingy on my head ytd?
Wes kidnapped it! he bad he bad guy.
Take gooood care of my elmo! if i see any stains
on him........ you die.
i'll be going out soon!

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