Thursday, December 04, 2008

Single or Attached?
Hi readers! Today's topic will be.....*drum rolls*
Will you chooose to be single or attached if possible?
Okay... now, don't be appalled after seeing this. Ready?
Cmon... don't get pissed! patient k!
Eileen poh may peng have been proudly single for
a happening 1 and 1/2 year.
(woooo, are you madly scratching your head thinking
why on earth is half of the 16yo girls attached and
i'm not for so freagging long?)
Explanation one: Ok this gonna sound abnormal..
In the past when i get to see some hot guys or
whatsoever, i'll get so crazy over them, wanna get
to know them and all... but this year.... guess what?
I'm not even wee bit interested.
Am i normal? i hope so... lesbian[?] Idk!
Explanation two: Mayb fantasizing over Edison chen
kills. Because i've seen too many of edison's cute
peekos online that now i think that singapore guys
really sucka big time(no offence, doesnt applies to all)
Explanation three: Watched too many love dramas
and read too many touching story books that
me(and many other girls) see love as such a perfect
and flawless experience in life(think too much)..
when it actually doesn't exist this way.
Explanation four: I think my expectations are sky
high. Okay i'm not sure when this started to change..
but this for this year, what i expect really differs from
what i used to expect. I don't see why should i
compromise and settle for something lesser than
what i expect. C'mon girls open up your big eyes...
A huge world is waiting for us in the near future.
Wise up! *smiles*
Explanation five: Mom says "Leen! you better don't
always hang out with guys.. cause good guys will think
that you're too flirty and inserious"
Mom, i'll tell you now... this is so untrue. They're all
my friends! are you asking me to stop contacting all
my guy friends so i'l be able to get myself a good bf?
It won't work man. Mom kept asking me why i stopped
liking that particular guy too... *roars*
I've moved on and that's a part of my history.
So what do my readers think?
Single.... OR Attached?
Thanks for wasting so much time reading my craps!
I'm off to taiwan on the tuesday, 9th on a 9am
flight if i'm not wrong... i'll be back by 16th night.
2 adverts from nuffnang will be coming real soon!
Nokia N96 and Ixus. Help me click click click!
No worries! i've prepared a few posts to be posted
up on the days when i'm away :)
Out with jiahui and others tmr. peekos time!

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