Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A merry xmas in advanced.
"Hi dear readers, may i spread all the love to you ppl on
this special day every year and let the love in us keep
going on and on...."
\*.*/ Spread em to your loved ones!
Spending a heartwarming christmas with parents at
one of the hotels at scotts rd for dinner that will cost
$100+ per head tonight. I'm very excited!!!
because it's my first ever time celebrating it with
my parents because they're not those that would
fork out any time just for the christmas night.
Thereafter, imma meet yoji ss daryl dick etc
at town and we'll be heading to ss house for some
games and stuffs. Although not something
havoc... but i reckon it's better to spend christmas
this way instead of drinking or clubbing.....
(anyw, mom forbits me to do so too.. so i'm a gooodgirl here. hello!)
Every year it's the same for me.......
I'm always having the same old feeling once xmas
comes as my birthday is nearing too. (in like one week time)
Just who... can i spend all these important dates with?
I've already forgotten the feeling i once love to had.
Long gone.
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