Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese new year day 2.

"Miss blogging so much...."
Ages since i last blogged. I'm so sorry! i've been having
my common test this week till next wednesday and it's
really driving me mad to venus! Schedule as tight as ever.
Time never seems to be enough for me these days.
What's more for maths paper for tomorrow? I'm dead.
Nothing touched, nothing revised and nothing practised.
I'll just keep my fingers crossed that i'll be that lucky.
Anyw, chinese on tuesday was a disaster. The topic that
came out wasn't in the list of my forte and it gave the
whole lot of us quite an unpleasant suprise. Tried the
Anglo-chinese sec's chinese prelim paper and gotten
shitty marks. 13/30. Oh well.... maybe my chinese ain't
that good afterall. Shan't lose faith! Instead, i'll work
harder to make sure my marks improve. It doesn't
matter if it's just one or two marks... as long as i keep
improving. Oh yeah, English on monday was still
alright for me. My target is to at least get a B3-B4.
It'll be best if i can acheive better grades of course.
I can't believe how confident i was doing my SS paper
today. It was the first time in my life i know the
answer by heart.
Okay so sorry about that. Just realise that up till now
everything that i've said is about school school and school.
I'm thinking of getting a new phone.
Nokia E65 E66 or any other good recommendations?
Please give me some advice and tag me sweeeties!
Weising! study hard please.

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