Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day.
"Happy belated V'day readers!"
Let me rant a lil here first okay?
Anyw, i lost my Dkny watch mom bought for me on the
bbq night. This is infuriating! i swearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
AND AND AND i lost my fav ring at wisma's forever21
ytd. Guess how..............?
i went to buy rings and i think while trying out the
size, i left my ring at i-don't-know-where.
Some assholes must have took it since that ring is
so pretty. Indeed, friday the 13th is really creepy.
Theres someone i ought to really really thank.
and it is non other than...... ngweising :)
Who will be that nice to
cab to eastcoastpark to see if my watch is still ard
without any complains even though i woke him up
early in the morning and even blamed him for not
keeping my watch? Who will withstand all my
naggings and nonsense? Who will say "nevermind i
still love you" even though i made him so angry?
Who will be so cute to cook for me because he made
me angry? I think no one other than you.
Of course... not to forget my bestfriends,
Justin Eugenia Zilah Jolene Wanzhuang Xinci......
Ahpweee! thanks for being there ok! get well soon..
Love you ppl too! *hugs and kisses*
This is such a sweet and mushy post.
Interested in selling tix, tag me!

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