Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This was taken ages back.
I failed physics. Helllloooo can anyone believe this?
How am i gonna maintain my A1 this way? no idea.
Can't blame... Physics is always the one pulling my
marks down. Damn it.
Woooh finally tmr i'll be having the last paper.
Actually i don't really give a damn to poa anyway.
I totally have no idea how am i gonna score for 0s.
I need the drive to study please help me help!
Shit i need to go onstage to read a book review to
the school during morning assembly on thursday.
I feeeling so jittery now.
Yay friday 13th bbq at ecp with weising and friends.
The weather will be fine than any other! [i hope]
How do my readers normally celebrate v'day huh?
Tag me tag me! that's so interesting!

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