Monday, February 23, 2009

(I'll be back to upload the pictures later! too many of em)
It was hell-stressful for the whole time of last week.
Tests for us seems endless, new topics for us to learn within a
short time seems ever acheivable to the teachers, we've never
seemed to keep up to the expectations of the school ever since
creating the history of the whole class being eligible for sec5.
Whats all these nonsense being incessant?
To add on, my results were terrible, horrifying and disgusting.
For your information i failed my english for the first time
in my entire secondary school life getting an ugly F9. Maths
with a B3, Science with a C5, Chinese with a C6, CombiH
with a D7 and Poa with a F9. Which sums up to passing only
three subjects this time round. How fabulous is that eileen?
I'm so afraid to break these news to my parents.
I swear i'll just be disappointing them a great-big time.
I needa mug mug mug mug. Time isin't on my side baby.
On the lighter note, I gave school a slip today as the cramps
were really bad. hmmm... but it appears to be alright now(?)
Anyw, i'll be meeting zilahgirlf at tm ard 2 later as i can't
stand it anymore! i need to freagging shop and get myself
pretty clothes! thereafter, we'll be meeting ivy and the rest
for a lunchtreat by the birthday girl. So sweet of her isin't it?
Happy birthday in advanced! love you always shortie<3
I might be meeting weising for movie later....
not really sure yet though. Pardon me i need to rant a lil.
This ugly boy of mine went to cut his hair last week and it
looks totally nightmare to me. Why like that?!?!!
Still love you though :)
ROMP IV at Zouk(r&b) + Phuture(trance) on the 15th
march for $20. A cheaperoo grab! Get all your girlfriends
there and have the night fun and cheeky. Tag me or
Email me at if interested.

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