Thursday, March 19, 2009

Taken before zouk that night at home. HAHAHAHAHAA
I swear i looked 100 times uglier outside zouk as i was all
sweaty running around passing my buyers tickets.
Just came back from the school trip to msia last night.
The sky was exceptionally beautiful over at desaru.
It was an awesome experience and was my first time
watching so many stars from a boat. In the midst of the
boat trip i told myself......
"The world is such a vast place for us to be in but yet it
still showcases it's beauty to us in a pretty sceneric view".
Sometimes i feel so good spending the whole night alone
watching the stars blinking away. Have you guys had
any experience where you had a tiff with your loved ones
but watching the stars eventually calmed you down?
I had far too many. But it sure feels good after that.
Ok why am i suddenly talking so deep into stars? Deviate
back please Eileen.
Theres st james tonight but i guess i'll be giving it a miss.
Getting a lil sick of parties as it's always the same old thing
that happens. Girls there to get grinded and guys there to
grind. Boring activity to spend my night away like that.
Oh yes! i need sellers to help me sell june's party tix.
Details all not out yet. Any interested, do feel free to email
me or approach me thru msn ok or even better, tag me.
I'll be anticipating many responses yeah?
Should be meeting weising later. Bye!
With love.

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