Monday, March 09, 2009

Since nowadays i'm so tied up with school work, friends
family, bf and etc. i'll try my best to upload random peeks
taken on random. Those 2 that i just uploaded was taken
2-3 weeks ago and i can't rmb when.
Gave school a slip today as i'm sick again. I think my
immune system suck a million times because it seems so
easy for the virus and bugs to intrude my body.
Falling ill seems to be a part of my life every one or
two months. How amazing is that [?]
It gets particularly irritating at times when i sneeze
4-5 times in a row and when the sneeze just don't wanna
come.(you know the feeling where you're kept on suspense due to the sneeze.
it sucks a big time, no doubt abt that)
Everyone was asking "Eileen where you mia to huh?"
I'm so so so sorry about the fact that i've not been online
for more than weeks. Now i should reveal my daily school
routine to you readers and you judge whether i'll still have
the time to come online okay?
School from 8am-3pm daily (excluding days with extra lessons)
Ok lets make it 4pm i'll reach home. Obviously when
you just came home from school you'll laze ard and
just lie somewhere comfy right? 4pm-5pm- slack.
5pm-6pm Eat dinner. (i hate late dinnners, in case you don't know.)
6pm-7pm do my own stuffs- reading etc.
7pm-8pm weising will normally call me and chat.
8pm-10pm study 10pm-11pm chat and i'll turn in at
around 11pm. That exclude days when i have extra
lessons okay. Terrible life O lvl students are leading.
Just 8 more months that we need to endure.. gogogogo!
I know it's a lil crazy to see me spurring on myself.
Oh yes before i forget. we're a month old alrdy! Time
really flies in a blink of an eye. The card was really cute
and er... childish. But whatever it is, still loveyou!
Looking forward to tennis on friday :)
Hello ppl, zouk + phuture on 15th march.
With love.

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