Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Have all the good times covered the changeable ones?
I've been in a dilemma for days and the same thing had
been coming non stop. Have just one night of fun made you
guys forgotten about how hard it was for you to make the
first move? how cute it was that we're able to go out tgt
and have so much fun? how much you guys tell us that you
love us? Have you guys forgotten that you're attached?
Is that all you guys want afterall ?
I certainly hope not.
I wonder why such a thing will happen. Is it my fault?
Why do ppl give up so easily? i'm sure we're all able to get
over this together but why did you guys chosed to give up?
I'll miss the times where all of us have fun outside.. really.
Not a thing to forget.
Whatever it is... i'm downright disappointed in you wes.
Don't make it as though everything will be alright.
Because i know very well that i'll still continue to think
about this. If you think that i'm making a big fuss out
of this, then i'm sorry. Just tell me how many girls will
not care anyshit about it and i'll salute them. Sadly,
I'm not one of them. Nevermind, no amount of words
can change the fact anyway. Loveyou.
Charlene! cheer up and i love you! :)

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