Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tired because i'm emotionally drained.
Tired of all my school work that isn't possible to complete.
Tired because i've no enough time to rest.
Tired as i'm trying my best to be the one for you
I once told myself not to let anything at this point of time
affect my mood for studying. But of course as reality hits in,
you know it won't be as easy as what you thought and
planned. Indeed, life is all about setbacks, challenges,
racing with time, getting yourself heartbroken, exams,
family, friends, tears, happiness and death.
Why some people always have fantastic grades in their
report cards? Why no matter how hard some people
work, thats the best they are able to acheive? Karma?
Fate? No. I don't think life revolves around that.
I always believe, what you are... is what you think.
If you think you can, you will be able to do it.
If you think you can't, no matter how much effort you
put in nothing will be remunerated. Agree?
You guys think my results were easy to come by?
Definitely not in what i remembered. My results in
secondary three was terrible. I failed almost all my
subjects except for my languages. But i told myself
"Don't give up yet... try a lil harder, a lil longer you
can do it" and of course, i finally did it.
Yes, no doubt with a cost. I've really sacrificed alot.
Sometimes i find it hard to understand human.
Why do we always lament on the past when it's too
late for us to do anything? Why didn't you put in your
best when you're given a chance? Most people tell me
"If i were given a chance now, i will choose to study
hard". Yeah yeah always the same old retro sentence.
I can say that too, but i chose not to. Because i don't
wanna live to regret my choice like them later on.
Moral of the story? : Always cherish chances given.
No idea what is wrong... In case you don't know,
i really spent the whole day thinking of the possible
routes for you to take. But it all seems weird now.
Not all, maybe it's just us.
You left me with tons of questions in mind.
Love you.

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