Monday, April 30, 2007

i posted this for the sake of clearing the prob out in a
hello people~, hate me or like me i don't care but stop polluting my blog.
cause i don't need all ur dirty comments. so u better fcuk off
before i really gets angry and get the hell out of you.
ahaaaa and scolding fcuk off doesn't means i wanna fcuk you.
can you be more realistic? how can i fcuk you when u're not
even putting ur name on the tags? scared isit?
& i seriously discriminate those lowly assholes dirtying
my tagboard without their highly protected names.
ehhhhh u got balls or nehneh please put ur name lah, scared wad sio
dare to tag don't dare to admit. come out say lah~
oh yah, and my pictures why do you need to care so much?
haha please let me see ur name and pictures first den comment
whether or not my picture is disgusting alrights?
grow up will you? ur actions are just telling ppl that u're such a
useless person & someone not even proud of ur own name.
girl/boy, tag with pride please don't throw those kind passer-bys face!
if u're really that daring, tell me ur number let me call you.
okay! enough of those clearing of prob in a proper manner.
& i hope the person will tell me who he/she is. =)
gah* bought contact lens today spent another 20dollars!
and i love my darling girlfriend for buying me the contact lens
knowing that i don't have that much money to spend lah, ^^
see see seee i love you eugeniadarling!
especially for joelyn : cutie! don't think about it anymore.
i'll be there for you alrights! <33>
okay i think my chinese improved already~! cause first time i'm soooo
confident in my chinese exams. but for social studies,
*yawns* i'll just wait for the U grade (:
and yay-yay tomoro no sch! and i want to study with dearie
but dunoooo go where =/
mother will not be working for a month or so. die lah!!
no more of the late-sneaking-home ):
i miss the bondings ! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
hey, its my life get it?
i live it MY way, not yours.

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