Saturday, April 28, 2007

you know what? girl, i won't even care how u think of me.

ahahaa. i don't even give a fcuk* lah,
LOL. ytd english mye paper. i think its quite easy leh.
*grins* && i wanna get good results for english paper! my favourite
subject(: hmmmm den after the paper went to serve
the 2 dammmm hrs of detention, sit there do nothing =/
after that took 28 home. den gahgahgah*
2 hrs later went to eugenia's so called "birthday party" i suppose?
:D although abit sian lah, but still i enjoy my friends company.
played some stupid games at her house.
i lick ppl's leg and shoe =,= darn.
den went to simei slack till 1++ my sweeetdad came
to fetch me and limin mother home! =)
and i'm super tired! & i woke up at 2pm today :DDD
sorry but i do admit i'm a pig
omg omg omg dieeeeeeeeee. monday got chinese and ss paper.
die lah, i got this feeeling that i'm going to flunk
my maths, science and many many more! )'=
okay these few days i'm seriously broke, first in my lifetime.
&&&&& so sorry! i'm lazy to update my blog everyday.^^
pictures after exams! <3

please don't you try me.
cause i'll never let you off asshole.

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