Monday, April 16, 2007

just realised that capricorn doesn't fools ard. they are serious beings.
=/ dammm i'm so bored till i go ard the internet searching info
on capricorn = meme! :D
ya lah, thats wad girls do when they gets tooo bored.
went to shop ard today after school. i have to stop shopping!
i'm dammm broke now, & i think i've spent enough, especially
/particularly this year.
have no idea why. mayb i've grown up! though i still wanna buy
the guess wallet lah! but not for now :)
today had sexuality classes( different frm SEX)
somehow, someone starts mentioning about things that happen
to me last year. teacher requested me to share with the class.
& it seriously doesn't feels good to be in an "abusive" relationship.
thinking back, i seriously think at that point of time,
i'm just too blinded by love to even protect myself.
sharing it with the whole class with experience i felt funny.
somehow i hold back some tears.
*roars* enough of those gahgahgah,
i seriously have something to mention to my close friends.
in particular, my 5 other girls in my class.
sometimes i realise that our friendship only starts when one of you
are hurt by another.
i have no idea why. mayb it gonna be like that for the next 2
years or so?
our friendship isin't strong girls,
however eugenia is different for the past 2yr+ she had NEVER
leave me despite my bad habbits & girl i really cherish you!@!
nobody can spoil our friendship yea :D
& definately not you bitch,
exams are staring.. english mye starts on 27th apr
mye will end ard 7th of may & i'll be FREE!
;dear one, i'll be there for you.

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