Friday, April 20, 2007

love is total shit, love isin't sweet, love is arse, love is everything
love is fcuking* confusing, love isin't commiting,
love is one sided, love is unconditional, love is me! *grrrrrrrrrrrr*
): i'm no-no flirt/player! @##$@%$
& i'm dammmm fcuking* serious lah.
i just found out that, i don't understand why some couples can live
happily for sucha long period of time.
dammmm jealous! ^^ specially for jolene :
ahJO , its time to let go girl.. do not hold on to him anymore.
he isin't worth of ur anything.
get what i mean? love isin't the duration girl, its the moments!
cheeer up alrights! :)
& i'm losing all the confidence in relationships. =/
oh ya.. my grandma's sis passed away today 1.28am.
i was there to catch the last glance of her. )'=
my loved ones! please take good care of ur health yea,
sickness = crazy! GAHGAHGAH*
next fri english exams already. and i haven't even started
opening any of my books.
i think i'll just flunk everything this time. hopefully not ):
i may just start biting
myself again dammmm stress of
& i don't feeel like telling people around me
cause there are enough problems for them to handle.
tomoro needa go to the stupid coffeeshop to help out again.
waste of my time =,=
after all the tough exams, well girlfriends it shall be our bonding
time. i know there are some misunderstanding
mayb we don't understand each another.
things will get better yea, no more attitude problems pls!
& nothing you do can change my mind
i love you.

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