Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do click on the [x] if you can't stand pictures of Eileen
AHHAHA i don't know whats wrong with me.
Here, i present to you my post with regarding to the pictures abv.
HAHAHAHA i know that's stupid but it's okay to act cute
like once in a while what! So... don't blame me if you're puking all
the food you've just consumed or whatsoever :)
I mean like which girl don't snap pictures of themselves right...
Tell me and i shall idolise that girl for the rest of my life.
Laughs! (i think i'm super random to talk about that)
Anyw, had a great day celebrating Justin's birthday with
Xinci, Mimin, Minsan and Garret yesterday.
I'll definitely blog about it with the pictures.......
Although i look quite dumb in it!
Who is an OneZine blog ambassador?!
I'm invited to the Mabelline's launch party on the 28th nov.
Someone whos also invited,please go with me! xoxo.
Always, Its me.

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