Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hate the way it is.
" Why is everything in my life so effing wrong for me?"
Theres never once when i did something without any regrets.
Regrets eventually becomes a part of my life, grew with me
and right now i'm even used or should i say, immuned
to it. What to do? Thats the way my life is..... nothing can
liberate me from those sufferings.
I had everything i wanted. Be it Friends, clothes, money
or whatever it is. But why can't i have something that i think
is so essential in my life? It's bad karma i guess..........
These few days, i've been feeling real down.
Idk whether is it because my menses is coming or am
i really that depressed. I need a break.... I really do.
After all being said... still, i put on a calm demeanor
infront of all my friends as if nothing is going
wrong for me.
I know my friends and you guys will say that i'm mad again.
But you people won't know how i feel...
Tomorrow- Dance
Monday- Not sure
Tues- Working/Mum's birthday
8th of dec- I'll be off to taiwan.
Yes, i'm down and sick.
Sometimes i really wished......

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