Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've never showed or said anything because i didn't want
you to know that i really cared...
Bye... One sided always hurts.. so i'm out :)
Because i realise, you're never once there for me when i really
needed someone. This is my final say.
No regrets, No thoughts and nothing's gonna change my mind.
No tries, No actions and no feelings gonna overwhelm me.
I'll stand strong, stand firm and stand better than how i ever did.
Thanks for making me a better person to what i am now.
I'm really glad to get to know a friend like you.
Everything that we've been through will always be in me.
Was very very sick and i'm not really recovering.
Cried for 3 hours ytd......(quarrelled with mom)
Thanks to whoever ytd! you were there for me twice when i
really needed someone so much at the low peaks.
I'm really grateful to have a friend like you.. i'm serious!
Went to SITEX with parents today.
Bought Ipod nano 16GB at $ 328, ELLE mini sling bag $70
and cosmetics! I'm a happy girl because we'll be going down
to get sony vaio tmr.
With love.bye

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