Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm happy
"Yay i'm working with Sihui and Xinhui at sentosa
this saturday for a shell's event from 8am-4pm!"
I'm no doubt jubilant! Yay finally something for me to be happy
about. This week had been badly dull for me.
Kept having very severe moodswings as if everyone owes me
a penny! I hereby apologise if i've shown you any forms of temper
or faces k! I didn't mean to do so......... *Chu x 1000*
I'm so gonna do my manicure tmr. Hate days of me with bared
and naked nails! So it means $$$ again... Tamp 800+ offers
good price eh! Express manicure and pedicure for only $20!
So if you ppl are looking for somewhere affordable and comfy,
by all means come to tampines! It's a steal :)
I'm just blogging about this for vain ladies's sake. I'm
not paid for doing this. So please don't think that i'm so
fraudulent to be able earn commission or whatever it is :)
Imma rant now...
Hold on for a minute and let me do so please sweeties~
(1)OK i'm in for deep shit! Today was the last day of bridging
and dammm the teachers just couldn't let us go peacefully.
Guess what?
We're having common test on january next year.
tell me whos gonna be so sedulous to study during holidays?
I guess.... probably not as how i always know 4a2 as.
(2) I'm officially broke.
Mum spent 300bucks for the chalet on my birthday. Wait
Food, drinks etc....... Not included yet. How?
i've also been diligently spending money non-stop.
I think i should like change my hp's wallpaper to something
that says "Eileen, hold back! stop spending! no $!"
Sounds like a good idea hor?
(3) Alright... Shall let you guys off now lest you ppl say that
i'm irritating, naggy and fat. HAHAHA
for pretty lashes and contact lenses at an affordable price!
PS: Sihui! please thank and love me :B

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