Monday, November 17, 2008

Singapore Discovery Centre( SDC)

Thanks omy!
I think that they're damm nice. We were provided an awesome
lunch upon reaching the loyalty classroom for the marking of
attendance and briefing.
Everyone should so flood to Singapore Discovery Centre soon!
Know why? cause they're screening some cool 3d movies there.
- Fly to the moon and the night before christmas etc.
Really enjoyed myself! Thanks to omy!
Next, we went for a trip around the SDC and theres really
many things that i've never seeen before!
Also we were given many privileges that many don't.
Thanks to omy again!
I got to know many other bloggers like Rinn and friends,
william and jasmine. Thanks to omy once again :)
I really enjoyed myself! so ppl, don't hesitate to make a trip
to singapore discovery centre( it's not sci centre, we nearly got tricked)
I took many pictures of myself leh! HAHAA
but i can't post them today because it's a sdc post!
So, stay tuned :)
Oh any need my help for their makeups for proms?
Interested in the hoodie?

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