Friday, January 30, 2009

cny pics part 1

Hello readers!

Those peekos were taken on the first day of chinese new
year. Anyw, didn't took much pictures this year.
My common test starts next monday and stretches all
the way till ard like 11th of feb if i'm not wrong?
i'll die of fatigue soon i guess. i've not yet touch any
of the books therefore, i'm freaggging deaddddddd.
I'm in a dilemma now! should i continue my streetjazz
2? wanzhuang not gonna join the class anymore!
which means taking train alone, walking there alone,
having dinner alone, taking the long bus ride home
alone. Comments asap? Thanks babies. :)
I'm very tempermental... but why is someone able
to tolerate it no matter how extreme i get?
Good question.

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