Sunday, May 03, 2009

All sides of me.
Been long since i last posted pictures of myself and i
finally got to posted some of myself today. I've more of
darliney and me to upload soon.
Pardon me for the f word i uses here (pls skip this part if necessary)
I've been doing nothing at home since 12pm except
for sleeping, eating, using lappy and talking.
I seriously think that i've been wasting my life for
more than half a year and this is realllll baddddddd.
I just can't get any books into my head cause i'm
just f.lazy and this is really pissing my ass off.
It's reallyreally f.irritating and i feel like awarding
myself a big fat slap. Last week's mid year papers
wasn't scaring any shit out of me and this is
freagging weird because it wasn't any bit like this
last year. I think i should stop going out till late in
the nights because i'm getting so used to it like no
one's business. "Hello Eileen, so... you think you're
not taking your major exams this year huh?"
Why aren't the hear of Olvls scaring me? Someone
please infect me with some stress of yours so i'll
get my ass of the chair and start mugging.
This week was kinda shitty for me.
Had many tiffs with darliney and sometimes it puts
wondering if our relationship is going the wrong way.
I think i'm most to blame. Dominance is the perfect
word for the fault of mine....... i guess.
Thanks for always trying your best to give in to my
wants and needs and didn't even utter a single word
though i've been complaining abt how bad you are.
I'm really sorry about that and i love you.
Anyw, i've got new stocks for Lavinty and it's really
pretty! do rmb to mention you're lovableens's reader
and get 10% of total receipt!

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