Saturday, May 09, 2009

Amara hotel , Korean Cuisine
Dinner was super filling yesterday + the cheesecake
i think i've gain mayb a kg or two? Saddddddddddddd
i must really stop eattting man. You people won't
believe how much weight i've put on since dec till now.
But i'll openly tell you ppl that i've gain er.....
3kg? or mayb a lil more. I need holidays!!!!! Because
it has always been a norm that i lose weight fast
during the holidaysssssssss.
I forgotten to take a pic of the cake we baked ytd!
Shall get it from Darliney's sis soon ;)
Tonight club. What to wearrrrrrrr?! this is driving me
nuts. Gtg! i'll be back posting pictures.
Oh wait, before i go........
HAHAHAAHHA i took lots of pictures with darliney
ytd and i loook f.ugly which is evidently seen on the
pictures above.

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