Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's 12.15am now and i have not slept a wink.
In case some of you do not know, Chinese Os is just like
3 or 4 days away. Not too long to go, yet not to short to
have the last chances to create miracles.
School these few days were everything about chinese.
We were drilled to do everything by an error free and
perfecting our writing in the shortest time possible
so much that my brain stops functioning at times.
Till these days then i started realising that even
Chinese as a language, has it's own beauty that will
only be realised after long practices of writing and
speaking. (HAHA weird me today because for my
entire life, i've not been speaking good of chinese.)
Sometimes i actually felt that theres a significant
change in how life was like from last year and this
year. Although theres more to handle, more to do
and more to study...... i'm kinda starting to tune
myself better to this hectic lifestyle without the stress
i was dealing with last year and even started to get
the momentum.
Of course, my life doesn't only revolves around studies
but also many more interesting factors that made
me what i am today. I'm no nerddddd HAHA.
Anyw, i'm having some problems deciding whether
i should pursue Business Studies(Human Resource),
Advertising & Public Relations or Law & Management
Suggestions anyone?

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