Thursday, May 14, 2009

That's me without a pinch of makeups last sunday at
Tampines 1 with darliney and my cousins.
OK WAIT. look at the picture again!! see my thin
brows lying there lifelessly bald on my face? that's the
'fabulous' job the ugly old and fat auntie did to me.
Just compare his brows with mine... HAHAHAHA.
Exams weren't as bad nor as good as i thought.
But still, it didn't scared me any. My life still goes on
like how it was supposed to be and i'm really enjoying
every bit on this. Thanks to ppl like Efah, Zilah and
Xinhui who've been there with me whenever i'm in
desperate need for someone to talk to and also, never
failed to laugh at my not-funny-at-all jokes.
Love you girls alot
(i think you guys are the only friends that i enjoyed being with.)
Friends changes, Friends moves
Friends drift, Friends leaves......
I've experienced it more than any that i actually don't
bother to care anymore. Efah! i think we're the same
so.... we should love each other even more :)
Hehehehe let's deviate from this topic lest i get myself
emo or sadddddddd again.
I'm going to parkway later to meet denz and darliney
and he don't know any shit about it!
Yay gonnnnnnaaaaa suprise him.
7th of june St James Mixed aged.
Reserve your tickets from me!

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