Friday, May 08, 2009

Hatred (Please skip this part if necessary)
I'm fuming mad i swearrrrr. The damn auntie at the
trimming specialist(located at tamp inter) is damn fat,
stupid and ugly. I stepped in,told her that i wanna
trim my eyebrow and even purposely said "i don't want
it to be thin... just want it to be neat" she said "ok".
Oh wow look at the fantastic job she've done to my
brows now.... i look like i'm naked. AND she didnt
even trimmed any single shit! all she did was just
shave shave and shave!!!! I EVEN BLED @#*%&#$!
The rest always did a goob job for me except for her.
Please do not think that i'm overreacting. As girls, we
should all know that our brows play a bigbig part in
our overall appearence rightttttttttt.
On the lighter note, darliney and me baked a cheese
cake yesterday and it looks awesome-ly gooood!
(althought the big one was kinda screwed)
But anyw, we're going some hotel for dinner at night
with his family for his sis birthday. Let's just keep my
fingers cross that i won't end up ravaging the food on
the table. Don't wanna put on any more weight!
Sorry weising. I'm really sorry for always being so
unreasonable. And thanks for always being sooooo
understanding and nice. It's our 3rd.
Love you ;)
Pics taken later in the night will be uploaded soon!

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