Monday, May 04, 2009

Why do i look so ugly in this photo huh?
HAHA pardon our red faces because we drank that night.
(26th april over at eugenia's house)
anddd this saturday we'll be celebrating darliney's sis 20th
birthday at some club/bar ssoooooo it's time to have fun!
(random)i'm satisfied with my current hair because
it doesn't look as ahlian-ish anymore due to the
fact that i've snipped off all the thin and long ends.
I think i look much more freshen up, neater and most
importantly TALLER! (long hair actually shortens your frame
especially if you're already short enough. HAHAHAHAHAHA)
My hair is growing in lightning speed i swear.
Only two days since we last met and i'm missing
darliney like a madwoman alrdy. The incessant thinking
of him make me feel very much like a pervert at times.
Wonder how is he doing for his soccer trials in school
now???? Please work hard k darling.
Loveandmissyou! ;)

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