Wednesday, August 01, 2007

schooling suck. especially on days when u're really tired
and mooody =/
yea i totally agree friends are the most important.
Laughs. this few i hadn't beeen feeling happy thanks people like
yanling, rowell, wanjoo, joelyn, jolene, zilah, wanzhuang,
xinhui, xuanhui and eugenia although shes away for OBS.
almost everything didnt go well for me..
many days since i last contacted you. seriously hope
everything's doing well for you.
people, love's a total bitch. unless you really find someone
who really love you. & its difficult.
now i'm like so lack of confidence in relationships already.
but yea i hope i'll get over all these sad things soon.
now i don't even understand our situation. Laughs.
pleaseeeee no more flings ):

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