Friday, August 31, 2007

ohh my god god god can anyone actually believe this?
its a friday and i'm fuckingly stuck at home.
i seriously hate being at home on fridays and weekends.
theres so many many things i wanna do right now!
go kbox and sing my heart out, go shop till i drop &
watch some very scary horror movies!
any takers? i'm like so boredddddd now.
and peeeps really sorry yea, it has been a long time
since i came online. apologise if i neglected some of you.
oh yah, i remember watching 1408 with zilah and jolene.
and people please don't watch that show.
at the beginning its like not-so-bad, middle its like
so-so and what is it all about now?
the ending is fucking lousy doesnt seems to scare
me at all. spent 7 dollars to scare myself but end up
"huhing" about that movie =,=
i'll rate that piece of shit 2 stars please.

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