Sunday, August 05, 2007

alright people please stop asking. let me say it once more,
i'm single and don't ask what happen.
now i really wonder whats the point of being in a relationship
when i know it wouldnt last at all! *roars loudly*
because things always ended the same way.
saying bye-bye / sayonara to each other. what the duck =,=
so whats the difference betweeen a 2 yrs relationship &
a 1 yr relationship? ans : broke off (same) Laughs.
girls, ladies, women or whatsoever please wake up~
we should know clearly things won't last for "forever",
stop being naive. & boysguysmen just what's wrong with
you people? stop saying i love you if you don't really mean it
and pleaseplease stop saying hey girl be with me
if you can't secure us with a long termed relationship.
guys please refrain from treating love and us like a
fool. we ain't fools, we're growing ladies-to-be (:
enough talking let me present my flaws to you people.
i'm stupid, lazy, dumb, ugly, selfish, irritating, sensitive,
noisy, possessive, bad tempered and&and nosey~
hokayyyy. too bad this is just me. Laughs.
but this is really shit luh. i'm efffing bored at this time.
*pouts* ahhh shit okay.
&& i believe someday sometime i'll feel loved and love
again right? but i think being lesbian is cool :D

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