Tuesday, August 14, 2007

okay dear readers, stop huh-ing. (:
cause i'm really in my school's chinese orchestra
&& i'm in the erhu section. suprising uh?
hokayyyy and i hope u people won't spot me in the photo.
Laughs. oh yah these few days had been prety warm
so dear girlfriends/friends please take care and
drink more water alrights! :D
awww shit, i think i'll fail my EOY exams luh.
because i just realised that my brain had not been working
this year. i seriously don't know anything about
sec 3 work leh! maths = really driving me crazy
science = i don't know whats happening
english = the teacher really suck a big time
chinese = ahaaa learnt nothing?
my conclusion: sec 3 year is honeymoon~
tomoro we'll be having a school trip to macpherson
ite. please let tomoro be a windy day!
oh yahhhh girls! theres this very nice lip gloss
by canmake selling at only $12.90 at watsons
grab it now! (:
& i hope i'll find a goooood man,
update tomorrow~

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