Monday, August 20, 2007

whatever i do, i'm always the one in the wrong.
in your heart, never am i a goood, respectful or a good d_______
yea i'm not your d_______ you don't have a d_______ like me.
oh yea you treat me well? bought me everything i liked?
it has got nothing to do with the relationship between us.
why always got so worked up over small little things?
why does it always have to end up the same?
why can't u just be like d__ who knows how to talk
things over to me nicely even before trying to use his hands?
why are you so unreasonable? why are you so not understanding?
fancy you being my m_____. and i swear i really
hated yesterday. nothing's gonna make me forget what
you did to my phone. why can't you just fuckingly
listen to me. yeayea everything u do is right.
your hands are painful. mine's not mine's not okay?
and whether or not i want to attend school is really
non of your business. i love school so do you have any
problems with it? i'm really getting sick of this h___
of mine. you people will see sometime i'll go crazy
and it'll be time i'll not be h___ and leave for good.

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