Thursday, August 09, 2007

i hope everyone who plays around with girls die.
especially youuuuuuu. and u're not great, u're a sucker.
u're forgotton but not forgiven ass.
get that into your mind boy. so what if u're more
that average looking? does that makes u a player?
stop all ur doings. u're big enough stop playing ur days away.
someday, i know u'll understand.
whos the asshole who created friendster?
without friendster i'm sure there won't be so many players
around. aiyah whatever luh.
hey people its a lovey-dovey red day today :D
yaynesss my favourite colour hokay. laughs.
its 2-15pm now and i'm still rottting at home darn lazyyyyy.
gonna meet my friends later for the fireworks!
oh yah, everyyear when theres fireworks, theres no...
boyfriend. LOL, girlfriends are important! ^^

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