Friday, August 17, 2007

words from me to you people,
Jolene loke: girl uh, u always say i don't love you!
but thats what you think luh actually deep down in my heart
u do matters alot to me. There are times when
i'm really down and didn't know what to do whos there
to help and cheer me up? yes, youuuuuuuu.
i thank god theres you with me dear.
& don't think too much hokay! & u're love :D
Zazilah: girlfriend! haaaaaaaaas who usually accompany
me and make me real happy without any worries?
of course its you lah! i rmb times when we quarrelled
over small lil things. but i'm sure it didnt hurt our
friendship at all. & all the times being with me,
big thanks to you! (;
rowell wifey: girl, although we had not know each other
for long but i really feel the friendship between us.
haaaas, everytime i quarrel with him whos the one
cheering me up and biting me?! YOU LAH!
laughs. See! such a good friend i've got. right? (:
i know u're still feeling upset but i do really hope u'll
not think about it anymore. just like how u told me*
Love Laopo,
Joelyn & Xijie : at times when i'm feeling frustrated and down
u both did crack funny jokes just to make me laugh.
although this year we started to get closer but i really
love times spent with you people.
now both of you are busy studying for exams.
big luck for you! love yea (:
Randolph: hey bitchhhhhh , 3 years of friendship really didnt
went down the drain. i enjoyed crapping with you.
and u really showed me how things work in another
way. i hope that u'll not break your fragile heart anymore!
and yes bitch u're love !
Wanzhuang & Xuanhui: girls uh, no more quarrels hokay?
see life's so much better without those quarrelings!
HAHA, u're both my listeners. whenever i have problems
be it a small or a big one the both of u never fail
to lend me a listening ear and a mouth with jokes.
And And there're people i miss!
wanjoo yanling amelia benji shermaine xueqi simun rowell
yuzhen adeline irene and many more.
those not mentioned are not forgotton too.
thanks you people. this is <3!

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