Monday, August 25, 2008

I love my piano
messsy table!

Hehehe. Thats taken on the national's day......
I know, i'm random.
Played badminton with my classmates today.
I'm very fond of exercising recently (except for running)
From tomorrow onwards, we'll not be having
maths lessons anymore. We'll be coaching 4a1 students
maths. Their class only have 10 passes for maths
and 25 who failed terribly.. while our class acheived
20 distinctions? see the gap now?
yayness, i'm in the same group as xinci..
Love spending time with her! sucha nice girl (:
To whoever wants to give up their N levels:
Hello, whoever you are...
Girls, we've to be self dependent...
we can't always depends on the guys.
Ever thought of what will be of you if your husband
walks out of you? At the very least, if you have the
cert and skills required, you'll be able to feed
yourself and get back onto life. Am i right?
if you're a guy, the destruction inflicted on you
will be much more heavier than the girls...
you know why? You ppl have NS.....
You think higher nitec is easy to get in?
no... you still have to get goood grades for
English, maths with a L1B4 <19
If all these are still not getting into your ears...
Wait, do you think any woman will want you
in the future if you're earning $1k per month?
To be realistic, no..
C'mon peeps, we've all gone through thick and thins.
do you really bear to see all the hardwork you've
done to pass all the exams in the past 3 years or so
to be in vain just because you've given yourself up
at this very last minute? I love our class...
seriously i do. Friends or foes, don't give up
alright? I'm all behind you. Do your part, at least....
Give it a try.

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