Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 of the overdue peektures.

Nah, don't get it wrong readers, nikhil ain't gay :)
Friday 15th,
Spent my night away with baby and nik at mac
watching funny youtube videos on my lappy.
Saturday 16th,
Went over grandma's house and had dinner
while momma played majiong.
Sunday 17th,
Played badminton with MM, Jus, Grt and Ms.
Enjoyed myself. MM and i trashed them.
(yay) Laughs! it has been ages since
i last sweat soooooo muchhhhh! I feel good.
So dear babies, i'm gonna have the prelim for
my suckiest subject ever. let me hereby present
to you.............. Principles of accounting.
Whats worst is, it's the theory paper one tmr.
There're like tons and piles of notes for me to
memorise but wait, guess what? I haven't started.
Wish me luck ppl.
Hope i'll be able to eh... at least get a 15/40?
do wait for me readers,
i'll be back.

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