Friday, August 01, 2008

Taken a week ago. A long post sighs..

School 's life is still the same and i can only describe it
as hectic, very hectic, super hectic.
The English paper on thursday killed me.
Never in my life have i thought that English will be that
difficult. Well, only ourselves to blame because Mrs
Cross did warned us that it's going to be a very tough
paper. Let's just keep my fingers crossed and pray hard
that i'll not score badly...... (sighs)
Seriously speaking i felt beatitude the minute i flipped
open the SS paper today. Hokay i confesssssssss i
didn't study a single shit for it except for the 3 case
studies that etched in my mind since the mid-year
exams. Oh yeah, chinese paper 1. I reckon that i'll
score higher this time round because it's the first
time in my life writing chinese words that i felt super
proud of! Enough of those... my prelims will resume
on the 12th, kicking off with maths. *cries*
There're no exams next week because our school
is going to have many events.
I'm sorry dad, i wasted your money.
The piano that you immediately bought for me
after enrolling 3 years back cost $4500?
but i left it untouched for months till weeks ago.
The Erhu you bought for just because i'm in the
erhu section cost $600 but i left it untouched for
I feel utterly disappointed and disgraceful of
myself..... just barely 3 years ago i was the young
girl thats so enthusiastic in everything i do.
3 years later, i found myself a 16 yo girl still
not studying for her exams.
To add on, i felt so redundant today during
Co. What the hell is this sectional leader doing?
All the juniors she taught before is performing
for Co why shes not? that's exactly what i
mumbled to myself today. I felt lousy....
I couldnt do anything to help. All i could do
was just looking at the back while they're performing.
Wanzhuang asked me to teach her Canon today.
yes, i'm able to play but it sounded downright
awful. It wasn't like that a year ago....
Just merely a year ago,
Eileen played proudly for Prss Co
Eileen was in love with her erhu
Eileen was so happy with her friends
On the flip side,
Eileen was never sitting down studying.
Eileen hurls vulgarities everywhere.
Eileen was among the last in class.
So what exactly have gotten into me now?
Everything is differing from what i thought
it would be. I wonder how many of you will
be understanding this post....
9am-12am tomorrow, Poa rememdial in sch.

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