Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teacher's day celebration.
Xinci and i baked this (:
Mrs Cross and Mr Cheng
The class T-shirt( i designed it k )
Everyone's busy eating!
Xinhui and zilah.
Syafiq and haider :)
Qim the cutie
Nasrul the almighty chairman :)
The ex chairman hanif
Zhijun ahgirl and me
Xinci, Garret and me :)

I wanna thank many people for making ytd's celebration
a successful one. Nasrul, Thanks for working so hard as
the chairman in organising the class etc etc.
Nareefah for preparing the superb mee goreng for the
class which was scrumptious! Zilah and xinhui
for helping to buy the things needed and preparing the
drinks (: Xuanhui and Wendy for baking the brownies
and cookies. Last but not least, Xinci for helping me so
much in the muffins and the tibits. Without your help,
i don't think i can cope with so so so many things...
(of course, not forgetting myself.... for all the hard work*pats*)
Also, a big sorry for 4a2... sorry if the class t-shirt design
did not suit you guys.... i'll do a better job next time alright.
Hope you ppl enjoyed ytd... Thanks for all the good times.
Coming to the end of sec 4, I find myself reminiscing
about this 4 years of schooling but only to find it so
transient... but it's definately the ephemeral joys of
the four fun years we all spent together.
very soon, we'll find ourself bidding goodbye to each
other. Not sure whether we will meet again.....
Given a choice, i really want time to stop.
To stop at secondary school... i love my class
i love my friends... i don't want to lose them.
If anyone of you in 4a2 is reading this........
Yesterday i really felt so touched. Everyone was
working and contributing to make something
work. Anyone have the same thoughts as Eileen?
A heartfelt thanks classmates, friends & teachers.

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