Monday, August 11, 2008

National's day peektures

Hello dear readers, i know i know you ppl must think
that we're crazy cause the 10 of us wore red and white.
we're not mad, we just love singapore.
Well, sad to say.... i thought this year's fireworks arent
as goood as the past years. The ambience was dead too.
we're the only ones who were so happy jumping ard
singing the songs along....
I laughed to myself upon chancing the photos of me
with my friends last year on the same day....
Many things changed, Many things left unsaid,
Many things left undone and Many things left
with regrets. A year just speed through my eyes.....
I'm a year older, a year wiser.
I hope or should i say i wish, that whatever i do
i'll think of all the consequences, so on and so forth.
Humans rejoice over success, I don't.
I rejoice over failures, because i've learnt something
new from it. ( It's a norm for me to cry for days and weeks before rejoicing)
Anyw, thanks Baby, Jus and Ms for studying with
me ytd. I hope i didn't make your blood boil because
of my ultra dumb maths brain.
Tmr geog and maths paper 1
thurs maths paper 2.

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